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I’ve tried to search for the correct blog post or site for proper wording to share so that I wouldn’t come across rude or too harsh… but no luck.  So here goes.

Again, this is NOT anything to be taken in a negative, rude or bad way.  These are just things I see on the other end as a professional wedding photographer.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but any that are left here that are negative, will be removed. This is to only help.

I’m coming up on the end of shooting my 2014 Weddings and thought I would share a little bit of possible valuable information for all.

Most of this is in my new contract but no one sees that but I at least I’m covered just in case.

Things I notice shooting weddings:

-Guest & Wedding Party, should never post to social media before the Ceremony.

-Put your Phones and cameras down during the ceremony. If you must get a shot, be respectful and graceful about it.  We are now in the modern day world where digital cameras are becoming more affordable and everyone owns one. I can’t tell you how many shots were ruined, someone was in my way or photo bombed by a guest that just “had” to have those shots. You are a guest… Be respectful and enjoy the moment and the honor you have had to be invited to witness such an amazing day of someone close to you, they hired photographers for a reason. Those guest hat shoot at the wedding usually post to Facebook ASAP way before the main Photographer can. Most Wedding Photographers shoot in RAW and have many steps in backing up and producing the final image, it takes time.

-Ask your director/planner/coordinator to stay out of your main shots. We love their help with staying on track and following the timeline but so many shots are ruined because of a photo-bombed director.

-Light! Light is SO important. This is one thing we will stress in our 2015 White Rust Workshop for Photographers. Guide your Bride/Groom/  Most Brides/Grooms have never been married before, so they are blank and only know what people and the websites tell them. A good photographer & venue will guide them in good light – this is a big factor when shooting.

-Speakers & Electrical equipment: Hide/camouflage it or go small for the ceremony — ONLY IF you can.

These are just a few things I wish wedding websites would add to the list instead of bazaar questions “what to ask your photographer”. Hope this helps anyone planning or going to a future wedding. UA-3763359-1
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